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In today's fast paced world, we must often confront life's challengesthatseem overwhelming, such as divorce, an unstable job situation, or family concerns with parents, children or siblings.   We may become stressed, anxious or depressed and turn to negative coping patterns that only exacerbate the problem.  Despite our best efforts we are unable to change this downward spiral on our own.

I feel that it is a sign of strength, not weakness, to seek professional help for these problems.  I start by doing a thorough assessment of  functioning in all areas of yourlife.  I tailor my approach to suit your specific problem and together we identify strategies that will provide solutions.  This may involve a cognitive behavioral approach which identifiesself-defeating thoughts that affect your mood and behavior.  Or it may involve learning stress management techniques and better communication skills.  Regardless of the approach you can expect to:


                                       * Enhance your self-esteem

                                   *Develop better coping skills

                                   *Improve your communication patterns

                                         *Replacenegative thought patterns with constructive ones

                                         *Learn techniques to manage anger, depression and anxiety


Relationships can be difficult.  Gone are the days when everyone who married, stayed married.   Getting a divorce can become all too easy.  At the same time, other people struggle with finding the right kind of relationship.

If the following questions apply to you, it may be time to seek professional help :

                                       *Has your communication broken down or become more frustrating ?

                                  *Do you and your partner argue more frequently, sometimes over issues

                                    that seem quite petty?

                                   *Are you finding it difficult to trust your partner, whether it is due to infidelity,

                                     financial concerns, or other compulsive behavior?

                                         *Are you looking to rebuild that bond but don't know how?

I am committed to helping couples and individuals resolve their problems.  Having been

married over 27 years, I am able to use my personal experience as well as 30 years of professional training and experience to work these issues through.  I start with focusing on what brought you to seek help and then explore how your past experiences, background and

upbringing and has influenced your choice in a partner.  You may be repeating those issues unknowingly.  I then focus on changing your communication skills, figuring out new ways of interacting, and suggesting behaviors that you can work on outside of the sessions.


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